5 Cheap Upgrades That Will Actually Increase the Value of Your Home

Upgrading your home is an expensive process and it also takes a lot of commitment and time.

Based on reviews from Collected.Reviews most homeowners that have the intention of selling their home in the future tend to always want to engage in some home upgrade from time to time. This is because the more upgraded their home is the better they sell. And many home owners refuse to upgrade their homes because of the cost of a home upgrade but luckily there are some cheap upgrades that tend to also increase the value of a home.

This article provides the readers with the best cheap upgrade recommendations a homeowner can actually give to the home and these upgrades will also definitely increase the value of your home.

1.     Change the Cabinets:

Swapping your old cabinets for a new one is a great upgrade for your home and this can be done without having to spend too much and yet still adding more value to the kitchen. This project makes the kitchen look new and modern and it is an affordable way to make great difference in the home.

2.     Install Some Outdoor Lighting:

This is a great way to turn your garden, walk way and backyard into a beautiful entertaining space for you, your family and your guests. It will also be an upgrade with great benefit during resale. Installing some outdoor lighting does not cost too much, the average is about $5,000 and even when the property is being sold, home owners still make a profit of about half the cost .

3.     Add an Irrigation System to Your Garden:

Everyone loves a healthy green looking garden. But most people do not know the hard work and maintenance that comes with it. That is why for a home owner seeking how to increase their home value you should invest in an irrigation system in your garden or outdoor space. It is believed that houses with irrigation systems are ranked among the most valued houses in an environment.

4.     Trim Your Plants Regularly:

This project is believed to be the cheapest upgrade on the list. As a homeowner your house can be upgraded in a jiffy with a little trimming or landscaping. As you go ahead with this upgrade make sure that the weeds are gotten rid off and the yard and garden are neatly trimmed. Just by doing the little things buyers will become interested in buying the house.

5.     Power Wash Your Home:

Cleaning the interior and exterior of your home is a great upgrade for the home. When this is done regularly, the home is kept in a clean state and will reap major rewards when you decide to sell it.


When it comes to upgrading the home, most owners need to squeeze out their last penny to get the best upgrade for their homes. And at the same time some of this renovation may not yield the best return for the money spent. But there are some cheap upgrades that can be done and which will actually increase the value of the home.