5 Storage Tricks For A Tiny Kitchen


On ReviewsBird.com, you’ll find the best guides on buying furniture online. There is great need for guides like this which are needed mostly by people with tiny sized kitchens.

It is frustrating to meet your kitchen looking all stuffed up like a fat doll. It takes a lot of expertise and organization to keep storage in order in a tiny kitchen. Oftentimes, you’ll be confused on where to place the littlest jar.

To help you avoid problems like this, we’ll share five storage tricks for a tiny kitchen. These storage tricks will help you with the space maximization of any tiny kitchen.

1.     Make The Top Of Your Freezer Into A Mini Shelf:

This is one great way to get enough kitchen space. From your cans of salt, to honey jars and other kitchen items with flat bases. You can keep them off a compressed shelf or a small table by simply keeping them on top of the freezer.

2.     Your Windows Can Be Storage Too: 

This is yet another innovative way to make storage a lot easier in your tiny kitchen. Your kitchen window can hold things like your favourite cookbooks, kitchen items that you make use of frequently and your towels.

3.     Organize Your Drawers:

More often than not, full drawers are often filled with things you may not really want in the kitchen. Storage in a tiny kitchen makes no room for such items. This is why we advise that you take your time to clean out your drawers and organize them with care. Organized drawers often have more room for storage than unorganized ones.

4.     Hang A Pegboard:

You never go wrong with a pegboard. A pegboard creates so much space for your kitchen items without taking up much space itself. You get to hang your spoons, pans, shredder, mugs and even pots. Pegboards come in different sizes and designs, and all you have to do is consider your kitchen size and what you want to hang on it before you get one. Doing this will help you get the most suitable one for your kitchen.

5.     Make Use Of A Magnetic Knife Strip:

A magnetic knife strip keeps your knives sharp and clean. With it, you won’t worry about the problem of blunt knives or cuts. Another good side to it is that you hang it on the wall. What better way is there to create more storage space than this? A magnetic knife strip is truly indispensable in a tiny kitchen.

Final Notes

It is no farce that you can also get as much space as you need in a tiny kitchen with the proper strategies in place. Really, the truth about efficient storage in a tiny kitchen is the ability to make the most of every available space as well as minimising the presence of any unwanted items in your kitchen space. We hope these tricks come very helpful as you maximize space in your tiny kitchen!

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