Hot Water System Perth: Mistakes You Should Avoid During Installation

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Having a hot water system Perth is essential, especially if we want to stay warm during winter. However, there are times when our heating system breaks down, leaving us no other choice but to have it repaired or replaced. We may ask professionals to install our system replacement for us, but sometimes, we opt to do it ourselves.

However, when installing hot water systems, there are several minor details that we often overlook. These mistakes may prevent our hot water system from functioning efficiently, and we don’t want that, do we? Hence, to guide you in your hot water replacement Perth, we have listed the top 5 installation mistakes that you should avoid.

1. Buying A Hot Water System Of The Wrong Size

One of the most crucial factors to consider in purchasing an electric water heater for your  hot water system is the size. Will the size be sufficient for you and your family, or is the size only suited for those who live alone? However, most homeowners fail to consider this. Hence, they end up purchasing water heaters that are too small for their needs.

When you choose a type of heating system that is sufficient for your needs, you can make sure that you always have hot water available for you to use at any time of the day! Not only that, but this will also help you save your time, effort, and money. Also, if you are unsure of what size of system you should buy, you may consider seeking professional guidance from firms that offer hot water system Perth services.

2. Purchasing The Wrong Metal Pipes

The thing about hot water system Perth installation is that the size of the system isn’t the only one that most homeowners mess up in. In fact, some also end up buying incompatible metal pipes.

If your system has copper or brass connectors, it would be easier for you to install your water heater. If your home’s pipes are galvanized steel, however, they may generate an electric and corrosive charge when they come into touch with the brass connections. This charge may end up weakening the pipe, which will eventually cause leaks. For cases like this, you may opt to hire a professional plumber to install a dielectric union in order to prevent contact between these two pipes.

3. Dry Firing

After installing or performing gas hot water repairs, it’s critical to avoid turning the circuit on until the water heater is fully filled with water. Once your hot water system is installed, be sure that you purge all of the air out of the tank by opening the hot water faucet and waiting until you get a continuous flow of water. Then, and only then, should the water heater be turned on.

Doing otherwise may result in dry firing, and dry firing a water heater, whether electric or gas, may cause the tank to overheat, fracture, and possibly destroy the heater.

4. Soldering Fittings Directly On Top Of Your Water System

One of the most common mistakes done by hot water replacement Perth or installation is that homeowners tend to solder the fitting too closely to the system itself. It would be better if you remove the nipples and solder on the fittings individually and away from the water heater. This will aid in preventing the heat from melting the dip-tube or any of the plastic fittings, which may cause severe damage to your hot water system.

5. Temperature And Pressure Valve Overflow

A temperature and pressure valve is used to discharge excessive heat or pressure from your water system. However, if this valve is not correctly installed, your water tank may burst or even shower onlookers with scorching hot water if it is not diverted down the pipe. For you and your family’s safety, it would be best to seek help from plumbing professionals who can install your T&P valve correctly.

Why Should You Install A Hot Water System?

A hot water system has numerous benefits. For instance, instead of spending time heating up water in a cooking pot and waiting for a long time, you can now have hot water instantly, whenever you need it! In addition, a hot water system Perth also helps you save money on your electricity, water, and gas bills. Because you end up using less electricity, water, and gas, this system also helps protect the Earth.


If you are considering installing your hot water system on your own, you would want to avoid the mistakes that were mentioned above. However, for best and safer results, it would be best to ask a reliable and professional hot water replacement Perth firm to do your installation or replacement. This will help you make sure that your installation is done correctly, reducing any chances of risk hazards.