A lot of garden apertures cost between $1,000 and $5,000 if installed. If purchasing your own aperture first, the installation price is usually around $600 to $1,500, depending on the difficulty of the project. Property owners usually pay an average price of $2,000 for common types of wood, aluminum, and vinyl garden windows.

People can save a lot of money by doing it themselves, although the installation process is not always easy. On the other hand, individuals can pay more for larger windows with excellent features like movable sashes. Take a closer look at the average DIY charge so that you can decide for yourself if you want to DIY the renovation or hire a professional to do it for you.

Average DIY cost – $1,000 to $3,000

Average professional installation cost – $1,500 to $4,000

Usual cost average – $1,800 to $3,500

Garden window installation – An overview

Garden windows are essentially miniature greenhouses built into window frames and extending out from properties where they can get tons of sunshine. Some of these apertures are made up of four glass walls with wood, aluminum, or vinyl frame.

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These things are pretty popular above kitchen sinks of countertops where plants are growing, and homeowners can enjoy looking at them while working on their food preparation or cleanup. It is because greenhouse apertures are usually used to grow indoor herbs, and kitchens are one of the most convenient spots for fresh herbs that are ready to harvest.

Why use these types of casements?

Here are some benefits of garden windows

Natural light

These things offer outstanding natural light since the side and top panels are made of glass.


Greenhouse apertures provide natural beauty to the place. Whether the homeowner is growing houseplants, herbs, or putting decorative objects to their windows, it is a mood-boosting feature of the property.


If the property owner chooses a garden casement with operable panels, opening both sides will provide excellent ventilation to the house. Side panels will create a cross-breeze so that homeowners can maximize the fresh air entering the room.

Miniature greenhouse 

These things have thick glass that allows sunlight to warm the house without letting the air inside escape outside. These windows help indoor plants to survive by providing a lot of sunlight with a stable environment and climate.

The price of installation supplies and product

What is the total market price of garden window installation?

Listed below are some factors that can affect the actual value of these types of projects.

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These apertures can significantly differ in size. The size of the window will have a considerable impact on the actual cost. As people can guess, small casements will be less expensive compared to big ones.


Frame materials used for the garden window will have a significant effect on the cost of the project. If the homeowner chooses a budget-friendly material such as vinyl, the total market price of the project will be less. If the homeowner goes for an elegant style and chooses materials like wood, they need to be prepared for a higher price and more involved maintenance.


The way individuals choose to do their window installation will have a significant factor when it comes to the value of their project. If they hire a local, professional contractor, it will be a cheaper installation charge compared to if they hire a high-end firm to do the job. If the property owner is ambitious enough to do the job themselves, the only value will be the price of materials like insulation, power tools, and trims.

Operable versus non-operable

Apertures that can be closed and opened will cost more than an inoperable window.


Casements with special glass will be more costly compared to simpler units. If homeowners prioritize an eco-friendly project, they need to make sure that they get a glass that is rated by the appropriate rating agency. If the individual is living in a place with a lot of storms, they need to consider impact-resistant glass.

Value by materials

Frame materials are major factors when it comes to a kitchen garden window cost, and you also have to keep in mind the maintenance cost. Here are some of the prices for common materials used in these types of projects:


It will cost property owners at least $2,000 if they use this material. Wood is a premium material for any type of window. Almost every wood garden apertures are clad on the outside. It means that the bare wood is perfectly covered by aluminum or vinyl materials.


It cost from $1,500 to $3,500. It is the top choice for these types of projects since it is considered the strongest among all materials, structurally. It also offers low maintenance and is more affordable compared to wood.


It cost around $3,000. It is solid and lightweight, but its insulation is not that good. Aluminum casements are best suited for houses with mild climates. It is unsuitable for houses situated in cold temperature places because the chill can damage plants and raise their heating costs.