Insurance in Spain: A Definitive Guide

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If you are moving to Spain for work or some other reason, it means you will be in the country for some time. Insurance is a major aspect of life, and it is wise to know how it works in Spain.

Spanish review platform Opinionesespana has tips and experiences from those who have used Spanish insurance companies such as Genesis. They can help you with enough information you need.

There are many types of Insurance you will need in Spain. However, some are compulsory, while others are optional. You can learn more about different types of insurance by reading this Adeslas opinion on Opinionesespana. It can be not easy to get everything straight as a newbie in the country, but it’s a lot easier when you know what to expect.

Thus, in this article, we will provide you with some vital information in that regard.

·       Spanish insurance: A Brief Look

Insurance in Spain is highly rated in the world. There are many types of insurance in the country, but the prominent ones include life insurance, health and car insurance.

Direccion General de Seguros y Fondos de Pensiones – DGSFP or the Directorate-General for Insurance and Pension Funds is the regulatory body overseeing the activities of Insurance companies in Spain.

·       Which insurance in Spain is Obligatory?

1.   Car insurance

The basic level of car insurance required in Spain is the Seguro a terceros. This will protect you against fire, robbery and third-party damages. As a permanent resident in the country, you will need a Spanish driver’s license to drive around legally. All vehicles need insurance to move around in Spain freely except for bicycle owners.

2.   Health insurance

As a Spanish resident, you are entitled to free healthcare under the country’s healthcare scheme. Those eligible for this are covered by their compulsory social security fee.

However, with health insurance, you will get adequate medical attention when necessary and even provide you with English-speaking medical experts.

3.   Social insurance

In Spain, all employees with at least a state-recognized basic income are mandated to pay a monthly security fee. This social security gives you coverage such as family and child dividends, work-related injury or illness, pension, invalidity dividends and unemployment dividends.

·       Non-mandatory Insurance in Spain

1.   Dental insurance

Spanish insurance policies do not include dental insurance. Therefore, you can decide to take unattached dental insurance if it can’t be included in your health policy. Ensure you verify the terms of your dental policy, and it favors you before signing up.

2.   Home insurance

Home insurance is also an optional policy in Spain. Home insurance is naturally vast; thus, ensure you know what you stand to gain and get the best for your property.

·       Other Optional Insurances

Other insurances include content insurance, life insurance, unemployment and injury insurance, pet insurance, travel insurance, commercial insurance and more.

These optional insurances may not be enforced by law, but it will save you a lot if you can take some of them. Pet insurance will give you adequate cover for your pet. Life insurance is useful too.


And that is it for insurance in Spain. With this information, we are sure you have the little you need to set you up nicely to get the insurance policies you need in Spain.

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