Top Reasons To Install a Pond Fountain


If you have a pond on your property, you may be wondering if you should install a fountain. There are plenty of reasons why a fountain can be an excellent investment for your backyard landscaping. Here are some of the top benefits of having a fountain placed in your pond.

Increase Aeration

One of the biggest benefits after a pond fountain installation Florida occurs is the increased aeration in the water. For a pond that is six feet deep or less, a fountain can stir up the water enough to increase the oxygen content and prevent debris buildup. If your pond is deeper than six feet, a fountain needs to be paired with a submerged filter unit to ensure the lower depths are aerated as well.

Reduce Algae Growth

Algae can be a major problem in ponds that aren’t cared for. A fountain can reduce algae growth because of the increased circulation in the water. This prevents the excess nutrients from collecting in areas that can cause algae blooms.

Keep Fish Healthy

A fountain increases the oxygen content in the water, which means any wildlife you have in the pond have a healthier environment to live in. This allows the fish to grow healthy and reproduce. Depending on the size of your pond, you will need to check the numbers of your fish to make sure they don’t overpopulate.

Prevents Sediment Build-up

The aeration and circulation a fountain provides also prevents debris from settling on the bottom of your pond. Eventually, the pond needs to be dredged to remove the unwanted matter from the pond floor. Excessive nutrients can build up causing an uneven balance that can harm your pond environment.

A pond fountain can help reduce the maintenance time and allow you to enjoy your backyard as much as possible

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