Factors to Consider Before Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations

Rather than getting kitchen and Bathroom Renovations done, people spend a great deal of money renovating a fence, insulation, roof and so on. But kitchen and bathroom renovations can create a powerful impact when it comes to home designing and remodelling! Keep in mind that if you spend the same amount on bathroom or kitchen remodelling, people would see it and would therefore show interest in buying your property if it is listed for sale. It’s easy to get confused when it comes to renovations and you may be in a dilemma regarding renovating the kitchen or bathroom or to renovate both, to boost the property value.

Here are some tips that may just help. Take a look at the following factors you should consider before planning your kitchen and bathroom renovations. 

Cost: If you are planning to remodel a kitchen, you can either opt for basic remodelling or major remodelling. However, a bathroom remodelled, whether minor or major, would be less expensive than the kitchen remodel. This is applicable when you consider the cost of remodelling without any influencing factors like resale of the house.

Lifestyle: Kitchen and bathroom remodels can be invasive, disruptive and messy. However, cooking, eating and bathroom activities are equally important. People can manage to live without a proper kitchen for some time. However, this can be tough and unpleasant. You might rely on alternatives like restaurants, food delivery or heating up the food. It might work to some extent but it would be a tiring process and would not give you the pleasure you get from home-cooked food and dining experience.

When it comes to the bathroom, if your house has a second bathroom, you can use it when you are remodelling the first bathroom. However, if there is no bathroom in the house, there are no other alternatives. Even if you have a portable toilet, you might need a way to have a bath. There is no way to manage a long-term bathroom remodel other than by staying with friends, in a hotel or in a rented property.

Best Value for Resale: If you work on the renovation of a kitchen, the property might get a better resale value. Mid-range bathroom remodels would return to around 67 percent of their value upon resale as opposed to mid-range kitchens that return value of about 80 percent. However, higher-end bathroom and kitchen remodels can return around 60 percent of resale value.

 A popular saying is that the kitchen is the heart of a home. In such a case, the kitchen can be the heart of a home sale as well. Kitchens are prominently displayed as the important photos in any real estate marketing material. The kitchen is also where a real estate agent sets up a camp during open house. It means that the kitchen becomes the major focal point for buyers.

Finding professionals who take on Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations, is quite easy. If you encounter any issues while implementing a DIY method for kitchen and bathroom renovations, it would cost you a lot of money to rectify the issues with the help of professionals. Hence, it’s always a better idea to hire professionals for renovation, in the first place.