Four Common Problems Faced by Self-Managed HOAS


Managing an HOA is not an easy task. It is not feasible to track down all the parts of a big community on your own and ensure harmony between the members.

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Managing an HOA on your own can cause several problems. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Mismanagement

Professional businesses view management as their primary responsibility and devote their full attention to it. On the other hand, the self-managed communities are run by volunteers that do it as an additional task. These volunteers can be retired service members or stay-at-home residents. They do not take it as seriously as management companies, as the lack of priority may lead to poor management.

The association may face many issues due to untimely payments, missing deadlines, unaccounted receipts, etc. Any resulting dispute will also be more difficult to resolve under self-management because there is no neutral third party to mediate the issue. All the residents and volunteers are familiar with each other, which can lead to biased solutions.

Self-managed communities often lack the latest resources for maintaining finances and other aspects of the association. They may be in the habit of using age-old bookkeeping methods instead of the new and efficient software used by professional companies. This lags the work and keeps the growth stagnant. 

  1. Rivalry

Living and working together can lead to conflicts between the members. They may begin to start disputes and file unnecessary complaints against each other out of envy and animosity due to competition. The rivalry and competitive state of mind may get worse in case of elections and voting procedures for board-related issues. A professional service provider’s help eliminates this as the workers are non-residents and neutral. They do not reside in the community and hence do not have any prejudice or bias.

  1. Difficulties in selling

Due to these problems, potential buyers may be doubtful and hesitate to pick self-managed HOA communities. Disorganization in the community can put off new tenants. The already-residing members may experience issues in selling their properties as well. For this reason, they undervalue their property out of desperation and hopelessness, which can be a significant loss for homeowners.

  1. Failure in compliance

Self-managed communities find it hard to enforce laws and regulations without the intervention of a third-party professional. This can cause severe issues that can cause disorientation in the harmony of the community.

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