How To Prepare Your Home For Winter

As the temperature drops, you likely find yourself checking things off your to-do list to ready your home and property for winter. While some things, such as seeding the grass, aren’t super important, there are other things that you should never put off. Here are some ways you should prep your home for winter. 

Clean Your Roof

Throughout the year, your roof likely collects debris from the wind blowing leaves and tree branches onto it. While the best practice is to remove the debris throughout the year, it’s absolutely vital to make sure you do it before winter hits, especially if you have a flat roof construction St Louis County MO. When the debris is left to sit on the roof, rainwater and melting snow can pool around it, and the water can find it’s way under the roofing materials. Then, as the water starts to freeze, it can create dams that catch even more water and can damage your roof. 

Empty the Gutters

When the snow on your roof starts to melt, you need to ensure that it has somewhere to go. If your gutters are full of leaves and pine needles, then the melting snow will pour over your gutters and onto the fascia board of your home. When allowed to happen for long enough, the fascia board could eventually start to rot, and the water could leak into more of your roofing system, potentially causing an immense amount of damage. 

Drain the Sprinkler System

Neglecting to drain the water from your sprinkler system could mean that part of your system could freeze and burst when the temperature gets below freezing. The pipes, sprinkler heads, or irrigation valves are all susceptible to freezing, and they need to be correctly taken care of. You need to first bleed your system of all water in it and then use an air compressor to blow any existing water in the system out.