Know what resin is, its types and functions


You must be familiar with the word resin, right? Maybe what you know is that this material is widely used as raw material for various kinds of crafts and can even be used to make furniture.

But that’s not all, my friend, because resin is not just one type, there are several types of resin according to their function and use. This time we wants to discuss what types of resin bound gravel company are available according to their functions and uses.

Let’s see Vira’s explanation below.

What is Resin?

Resin is an exudate (sap) that comes out of various types of plants, generally by conifers or conifers. This sap usually freezes, can be in a fast or slow process and form a hard and transparent mass.

Resins are used by humans, especially for adhesives, varnishes, food coatings, as ingredients for mixing perfumes and incense, as well as as a source of raw materials for various organic processed materials.

Resin is widely used by people since the time of civilization, as quoted by the Greek named Theophratus and the Ancient Roman named Pliny.

All materials are chemically similar and are composed of polymers or complex molecules with high molecular weights. The distinctive shape of each molecule determines whether the plastic is a fiber, such as rubber or a resin.

Synthetic resins have two properties when viewed from the process of formation. If formed without a chemical reaction it will be thermoplastic (can return to its original shape) and if formed by chemical reaction it will be thermoplastic (cannot return to its original shape) for example: epoxy, polyurethane, polyester etc.

Synthetic resins that are found in many places of sale to make fiberglass crafts usually consist of 2 substances, namely polymers which function as hardeners and synthetic resins which serve as bases.

Various resins made into crafts that we see on the market:

AB . Clear Epoxy Resin

The strength of its durability, it has high water resistance, acid and alkali resistance. There are 2 elements, namely Epoxy resin PolyAmido Amine which is liquid and also transparent with a comparison between hardener based depending on the type of need.

Lycal resin

This type of resin has a quality that is quite recognized and is widely used. Consists of 2 components, namely part A (resin) and part B (hardener). This resin is specially made for handicrafts and for highly transparent and marketable coatings.

Resistant to sunlight. One of the properties of this lycal resin compared to other types is that it is more viscous. If you want to use this lycal resin, it is more viscous. If you want to use this lycal resin, you can use the following ratio, resin:hardner is generally 2:1.

Upcast resin

The type of receipt that is likely to be the easiest for you to find on the market. However, this type of resin is often referred to as clear resin because usually the sellers in chemical stores have resin series 3126 or resin 108.

The weakness of this type of resin is not resistant to UV rays, when exposed to sunlight this type of resin will turn yellow. With its slightly opaque nature, this kind of resin is perfect for use in thin coatings.

Benefits Of Resin

Besides being used for craft media, resin has other benefits that cannot be separated from our daily lives so far. The following are the benefits of resin:

Making Varnish Soap

The resin itself can be used as one of the ingredients to make soap, where the resin contains resinic acids which have a combination of phenols and carboxylic acids. These acids are also free, while those that bind as esters, of these acids will be dissolved with alkali which will form a solution such as soap or colloidal suspension that has foam.

Then there are resinates which are metal salts in the resin, these metals are the materials used to make varnish.

  • Uses in the Pharmaceutical Field,

Besides being used as an ingredient to make soap, it turns out that resin can also be used for the benefit of the pharmaceutical sector, especially in the field. This type of resin that is difficult to use for pharmaceutical purposes is often referred to as Pharmaceutical Resin.

In many of these interests, resins are obtained by means of, for example, separation of oils, heating on plants containing sopaive resins, collection of exudate or sap that is still present in plants, collection of resins from fossils.

  • Removing Lime (CaCo3) Content,

Lime that is removed in groundwater and contains high lime value where the water will be used for drinking water or for other daily purposes. The resin used to dispose of lime waste in groundwater and mountains is cation resin.

  • Disappear not content of magnesium (Mg),

The content removed in mountain water and groundwater is not only lime content, but also magnesium which is also lost in the process. Just as in the process of removing lime content, magnesium also uses cation resin in the process of removing the magnesium.

  • Eliminate Calcium Content,

Not only the content of lime and magnesium are removed, in mountain water or groundwater that still has a high hardness also contains a lot of calcium. By using the same process, namely with cation resin, the calcium contained in the water will also disappear.

Then the water will contain a low sedation so that it can be used for daily needs as Softner. Softner is a softener for water that has a high hardness where water that has a high hardness cannot be used and if it is used it will affect the function of the water in the washing and cleaning process.

The resin used in the process is a cation resin.

  • Destroys Various Herbivores, Insects and Pathogens

Apart from being used for waste purposes, resin can also be used for other things, for example at this point. Where at this point the resin compound can be toxic which can destroy a variety of herbivores, insects and pathogens, so it can also be used if seen from this statement for insect repellent.

  • For Varnish and Adhesive

Resin which has a hard texture and mass can be used as an ingredient of varnishes and adhesives or can even be used for coating food to make it look shiny.

  • To Make Frankincense

Types of resins that have a mild odor are resins that are usually used for frankincense.

  • For Therapy and Incense

Another benefit of the resin used is a permanent resin which contains essential oils for therapy and incense. The ingredients are gamboge asofoetida and ammoniacum.

How are you buddy? now you know that resin is not only for making crafts and as a finishing material. There are so many functions and uses of resin to process our daily needs.

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