A kitchen unit is a perfect alternative for just a barbecue or gas grill – especially if you love cooking and hosting people outdoors. What elements should it include, and which features are essential? Check our brief guide on choosing an outdoor kitchen.

Whether you have a big garden that you want to take advantage of, or you’re just tired of carrying dishes and ingredients around during outdoor parties, an outdoor kitchen is a great investment. But not just any model – you should carefully compare the options to see which one fits your needs best. We can help you with that!

Essential facilities of the outdoor kitchen

In terms of elements, a lot depends on your needs and expectations. Most outdoor kitchen units (including popular Alpes Inox products) have:

  • gas burners – the minimum is one, but you can find mobile models with up to five gas burners;
  • plancha – an iron surface heating up to very high temperatures that allows preparing delicious grilled food without using coal or wood;
  • integrated bowl sink – a convenient solution that allows you to wash the dishes outdoors;
  • gas grill or electric grill – good quality equipment of this kind enables preparing grilled foods in a healthy way;
  • pizza oven – this element is not that common, but more and more people are looking for it, since such preparation takes pizza’s taste and texture to a whole new level;
  • dishwasher – it’s not a standard element of the kitchen units, but the most advanced models with high technical standards may have it, too
  • storage space – drawers and containers are essential to conveniently store accessories, cutlery and products.

When choosing a mobile outdoor kitchen, it’s worth thinking about the way you’ll use it to ensure the equipment fits your needs. Gas makes you independent since you can refill the bottles, but in the case of electrical equipment, you’ll need access to the power grid. If you choose a stationary variant, you’re much more flexible when it comes to equipment – you can add stainless steel ovens and stainless steel cooker hoods that are adjusted to outdoor conditions and much more advanced than the equipment in the mobile units.

How should the outdoor kitchen units be built?

The essential aspect is resistance to the changing weather conditions. Even if you use a protection cover, the risk of corrosion and damages caused by changing temperatures and exposure to UV rays is still high. Thus, most outdoor kitchens are made with stainless steel.

You can still find the partially-wooden models on the market, though. Stainless steel with a silver satin finish is functional yet elegant, but not everyone likes such a raw effect. If the wood is impregnated and covered with a protective layer, it still may be a good fit.

The ready-made units are often mobile. It’s perfect for those who want to use the kitchen during the events. The wheels should have a blocking mechanism and anti-slip construction to provide you with maximum safety. 

If you prefer to compose your own outdoor kitchen instead of relying on ready-made mobile units, check the resistant equipment on https://kitchenfurniture.online/.